Panmure Farms is owned and operated by the 6th generation Hudsons, descendents of William Hudson who emigrated from Leeds County, England to Canada in 1832. He purchased the original 50 acres where the farmhouse stands today. Bruce and Brian Hudson currently run the farrow to finish swine and cash crop operation. When the boys, Bruce and Brian, were growing up, their parents, Graham and Kay, provided them with the opportunity to ”make a little pocket money” selling sweet corn at the end of the lane. This part of the business has since evolved into Hudson’s Farm Fresh produce which now supplies sweet corn and other fresh produce to the Ottawa Valley and the west end of the City of Ottawa.

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  1. Glad to see your open, nice to finally eat farm fresh produce, waiting patiently for corn!!!..LOL “thanks for all you do”.

  2. July 17/20 – is your stand open at Upper Dwyer Hill and Panmure. Looking for your yellow beans.

  3. Are you open Sundays? Looking for green beans, strawberries , broccoli and other veg to freeze for winter

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